Comprehensive Dental Clearance Program

Why does Dental Clearance improve patient outcomes?

  1. High levels of disease-causing bacteria in the mouth can lead to prosthetic valve infections as well as lead to clogging of the carotid artery and increased risk of heart attack.
  2. Bacteria in the mouth can spead throughout the blood stream and settle in joints making this area susceptible to infection
  3. Infection from poor dental health is the result of joint replacements needing revision in 7 percent of the cases.
  4. 70 % of adults have periodontal disease, which may lead to a longer and stronger course of antibiotics before, during or after surgery.
  5. Dental Clearance improves patient outcomes by lowering the risk of problems that develop from poor oral hygiene. Also loose teeth are assessed and extracted to reduce further complications.

Medical Clearance for Dental Treatment Form


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