Overdentures are a special kind of dentures that are more comfortable and stable than regular ones. Instead of just sitting on your gums, they attach to dental implants or your remaining teeth. This makes them stay in place better, so you can eat more kinds of foods without trouble. They help keep your jawbone healthy and prevent it from getting weaker, which can happen with normal dentures.

Getting overdentures starts with a visit to the dentist to plan everything carefully. They are designed to be taken out easily for cleaning but will stay put when you're eating or talking. People who choose overdentures often find they can smile, talk, and eat better than before. They feel good about how they look and are happier with their smiles.

In short, overdentures are like upgraded dentures that clip onto implants or teeth, making life a lot easier for people who wear them. They're a great mix of the old denture style and new dental tech, giving a solution that feels more natural and works better.

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